How long do the tutor-led online sessions last?

Each session ranges from 6-12 weeks, depending on the subject.  You will have access to the tutor/facilitator for the length of the entire session.  Once the session ends, you will have online access to the material for an additional 3 weeks for extended exam preparation.
What are the computer requirements for online learning systems?

An internet connection of DSL or better is recommended.  While dial-up can be used, we do not recommend this for optimum usage.  Any other computer programs or downloads required will be provided in the orientation session.  You do not have to use a CD/DVD to access your online learning systems.  If you have a Macintosh, please request more information on the requirements from an Educational Consultant.
How do I contact my tutor?

There are several options for you to contact your tutor:  by email, chat session, or in online discussion threads.  Tutors are required to have set online office hours where you can contact them directly.

What is the New Nursing Student Orientation?

The New Nursing Student Orientation is an interactive and helpful online tutorial that provides new online learners with useful information to be successful in the online sessions.  It demonstrates the program's communication methods, provides access to necessary downloads, and gives general information on the program.  This tutorial is free for all online learners.  Once you have reserved space in your first online session, you will be provided access to the New Nursing Student Orientation.
Do I need an email address to take an online learning system?

Yes, you will need an active email address when you sign up for your first session. There are many options for free, easy to sign up accounts. If you need help locating one, contact an Academic Advisor at 1-800-691-7911.
Am I guaranteed a seat in an online session?

Sessions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the session is filled, you can either choose a different subject or wait for the next session. Call today to reserve a space (800) 479-2797 .

Do I need textbooks or study guides for the online learning systems?

The online learning systems are designed to supplement the Rue Total Learning Systems™, which include a Rue workbook or study guide, and a Quick Reference Guide.  Textbooks can be purchased from our bookstore or any bookstore you'd like to use. 

Distance Learning Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if distance learning is for me?

Distance learning is right for you if:
  • You're serious about earning your degree
  • You'd rather be tested when you feel you're ready
  • You want to be graded on individual performance
  • You want credit for past college work
With distance learning you can earn credit towards your degree without ever having to attend classes in a traditional college setting. 

How do online learning and distance learning differ?

With distance learning you earn credit toward your degree without having to attend classes in the traditional classroom setting using Rue's self-paced traditional or tutor-led online learning systems.

Online learning (or e-learning as it is sometimes called) allows you to use technology to complete your studies.  Rue Education offers tutor-led online learning systems, which are ideal for those who prefer studying according to their own schedule (throughout the duration of the online session). Rue Education's program lets you study independently, but with lots of support -- from subject matter experts, academic advisors, other nursing students, and Excelsior graduates.
How much money can I save compared to a traditional college program?

The tuition for a traditional 2-year or 4-year degree can cost up to $20,000 to $40,000.* In addition to tuition, there is also the expense of fees and other study materials.  However with Rue Education's help, earning your degree can cost much less. And that doesn't begin to address the savings on things like transportation, child care, and conflicting work and school schedules.


Are there financing options?

Yes.  Flexible financing plans are available with low monthly payments.

There is a waiting list at my local college for the Nursing Program. When can I start with Rue?

There is no waiting to get started with the Rue Education Learning Systems. In fact, a great aspect of distance learning is that you can move as quickly or as slowly as you like. Want to take a break for a family event? No problem. Want to double up on classes during the summer? No problem. You determine the pace and work studying around your schedule.

I’ve had challenges completing the RN program at the local college. Will I be accepted at Rue?

All LPN/LVNs, Paramedics, and RT are qualified and accepted into the Excelsior College ASN Degree program. Plus, any general education credits that you have previously earned will transfer as long as they were from an accredited college or university.

Who actually awards my degree?

Excelsior College, an accredited college which was created to assess and validate student knowledge for college level credit, awards the degree.

Fast facts about Excelsior College:
  • Excelsior College is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.
  • Excelsior College's nursing programs are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.
  • Excelsior College's Associate of Science in Nursing Degree is the nation's only pre-licensure RN program that can be completed at a distance.
  • Excelsior College has the only examinations in nursing that are recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE).
  • Excelsior College is a National League for Nursing "Center for Excellence".

How many people have earned their degree from Excelsior College?

Over 126,000 students, from every state and many foreign countries, have earned their degree from Excelsior College.

How many nursing students have used Rue Education's learning systems?

Rue Education has helped nearly 100,000 motivated adult learners earn credit toward their college degree and RN license.

Do other universities accept Excelsior College graduates into advanced degree programs?

Yes.  More than 250 graduate institutions accept Excelsior College graduates into their advanced degree programs, including Colgate, Harvard, University of Miami, University of Texas, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and UCLA.  Many graduates report that incorporating independent study and their self-motivation as part of their undergraduate degree prepare them well for graduate school. 

Can I transfer previously earned credits into Excelsior College's program?

Yes, as long as those credits were earned at an accredited college or university.  Most, if not all, of your previously earned credits will transfer.

How do I earn the rest of the credits needed for my degree?

You earn the rest of the credit you need using either Rue's self-paced traditional or tutor-led online learning systems to prepare for your standardized exams.  After passing each exam, you are awarded credit for that subject by Excelsior College.
If I've never been to college, can I earn all the necessary credits through standardized exams?

Yes!  Excelsior College lets adult learners use standardized exams to test out of required academic subjects and earn credit toward their degree.

How will I meet my clinical requirement?

Once you are eligible for the Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination (CPNE®), you will send in an application.  You will be given a test date and will be expected to be ready by the scheduled date.  You will go to one of several regional performance assessment centers for a clinical evaluation.   The CPNE assesses your nursing skills over a 3-day weekend.  If your skills and competency equal those of the average new graduate nurse, you will earn eight college credits.

How can I prepare for this clinical?

Rue's CPNE Preparation Package provides you with a comprehensive learning system to help you study the content and practice the skills needed to successfully pass the 3-day CPNE weekend.

What is a tutor-led online learning system?

A tutor-led online learning system is the interactive component of the Rue Total Learning System™.  You can access the online session and communicate with the tutor/subject matter expert and with fellow nursing students from anywhere, at any time, simply by using the internet.  Each online learning system breaks down the subject matter into weekly learning modules that consist of reading materials, case studies, discussion questions, online interactive tutorials, and practice exams.  The learning modules are designed to systematically help prepare you to pass your standardized exams for that subject and earn college credit.

Am I required to log in at a particular time with online learning system?

No, this program is designed to fit around your schedule.  You can log in anywhere at any time.  To be most successful, we recommend that you log in for shorter periods of time every day -- or at least four times per week.
Do I receive grades for the Rue online learning system?

You will receive a grade from the Rue session that indicates how prepared you are to take each CLEP, Dantes, or Excelsior College standardized exam.  (Since the learning system is designed to prepare you to pass the standardized exams, there is no grade for college credit awarded by Rue.)

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